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Mini DVI to DVI Adapter

Mini DVI to DVI Adapter

Mini DVI to DVI Adapter
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Item Description
Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter.

This adapter will allow you to use Standard DVI-D cables with the Mini-DVI port found on some laptop computers.   For connecting DVI-D digital monitors.

Question: What is Mini DVI? How is it different from regular DVI?
Answer: Mini-DVI is a smaller, miniturized version of the DVI connector most commonly found on devices made by Apple Computers. It has the same functionality of DVI but is a more compact connetors so that less space is taken up on the body of the computer.

Question: Does this adapter support audio?
Answer: No, like standard DVI, the mini-DVI does not support audio functions.

Question: What is the difference between Mini-DVI, Mini-VGA, Mini-HDMI and Mini-DisplayPort?
Answer: Each connector is a miniturized version of their standard sized counterpart. Each has a unique connector and one will not fit in the place of another. You must use the correct connector for the type that exists on your device.

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